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High-tech in nostalgic garb:
The upper Greiz castle has just acquired an ultra-modern lift

ALGI are proud of their involvement with the manufacture and supply of high technology VVF drive systems. Greiz Castle is truly an unsurpassed sensation in the lift industry.

Read the complete report from Lift-Journal 5/2009

DomAquarée, Radisson Blue Hotel Berlin

Hydraulic system ALGI, 1 synchronized telescopic
cylinder three stage, travel 33 m, 4 power units
electronically regulated, speed 0.2 m/s

Europe-Passage shopping centre, Hamburg

Panoramic Lift, Lutz-Lifts,
Hydraulic system ALGI, two-stage telescopic cylinder
central, power unit with electronically regulated
valve block, travel 20 m, speed 0.8 m/s