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Complete Lifts

Our complete lifts are designed for the modern age and environments. We offer high levels of technology and are second to none in quality, from our classic range to our bespoke models. ALGI have invested in firm agreements with leading German controller and door manufacturers to compliment ALGI lifts to a higher level in this market. For more information please contact us directly.

Download brochure: „Hydraulic Lift Systems“
Download brochure: „Heavy cargo lift“
Download brochure: „Car lift“
  • Passenger lift

    We offer hydraulic solutions for passenger lifts
    for single and multi-family houses, for office and commercial buildings, as well as for bed lifts in nursing homes or hospitals. Sustainability and energy efficiency characterize the use of our products for the hydraulic systems offered.

    Space saver - the space saving and clever solution for apartment houses and commercial buildings - without headroom - without shaft pit.

    • efficient in space utilization
    • no machine room
    • cost effective
    • proven drive technology
    • clever solution for retrofitting
  • Cargo lift

    Cargo lifts are used for transporting pallets up to heavy loads with forklift payload of up to 8,000 kg.

  • Car lift


    • In underground parking garages of office and business centers
    • In underground parking garages of single and multi-family houses
    • in direct design for a lifting height of up to 10 m
    • Lifting height of up to 20 m in indirect design


    • Space saving by eliminating the use of ramps
    • Low noise development
    • Architecturally demanding solutions
    • Optimum price/performance ratio