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Power units

For its drive solutions, ALGI offers valves in mechanical, controlled and frequency-controlled design. All of the power units are offered with a pump capacity from 25 l/min to 800 l/min and are used on passenger and cargo lifts for the most diverse requirements.

Machine room-less solutions (MRL):
Our high quality MRL range of power units come in bespoke designs, one of which is the AZHT which is neatly installed into the shaft or shaft pocket minimising space requirements. Compact units are also available which offer lockable control cabinets. With our MRL range we also offer controller packages which complements our equipment both with technical ability and aesthetically.

Download brochure: „Power unit with controlled valve“
Download brochure: „Power unit with frequency-controlled valve“
Download brochure: „Power unit with set-down cabinet“
Download brochure: elektrische Verriegelunge
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  • Power unit with mechanical valve

    • Optimum solution for low trip numbers and constant ambient temperature
    • Optimum price/performance ratio
    • Used for decades; this guarantees long service life
    • Minimum noise development during the trip down
  • Power unit with controlled valve

    • Extreme drive comfort independent of load and temperature
    • Simple setting of drive parameters in absolute values
    • Excellent drive performance with a minimum of one-way trips
    • Robust components ensure long service life of the drive
  • Power unit with frequency-controlled valve

    • Reduced drive capacity due to variable motor speed
    • Very little heat generation
    • Elimination of oil cooler
    • Reduced noise development
    • Extreme drive comfort with a high level of efficiency
  • Compact power unit

    A separate machine room is eliminated because of its space-saving design for passenger lifts. The entire control and the hydraulic power unit are installed into a door portal on the lateral or rear shaft wall.

  • Power unit with set-down cabinet

    When choosing the power unit with a machine room-less solution and with lockable set-down cabinet, the drive unit and the control form one enclosed uniform system.