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For more than fifty years, ALGI has been producing cylinders for hydraulic lift systems. Cylinders are available in a one-stage and a multi-stage design. The piston rods are machined in the honing process and are characterized by their consistent quality, robustness and long service life.

Download brochure: „Multi-stage telescopic synchronizing cylinder“

  • One-stage cylinder

    • Standard series available in diameters from 63 mm to 450 mm
    • Central designs are available
    • Split designs are available
    • The surface is honed at a surface roughness of 1-3 µm
    • Cylinders are available up to 30 m in length
  • Multi-stage telescopic synchronizing cylinder

    • The model series comprises two-stage and three-stage telescopic synchronizing cylinders
    • Loads (carrying capacity and cabin weight) of 500 kg to 30 tons possible per cylinder
    • Lifting heights from 3 m to 40 m possible
    • Central designs are available
    • Model available in central design